Lexi, Lily, Brailey

The SOAR program (Safety, Ownership/Responsibility, Attitude, Respect) is a tier 1 primary prevention approach for developing behavioral expectations and teaching appropriate behavior to every student.  Teachers and Staff are committed to providing students with the proper environment and support. 

Review of behavioral expectations with students occurs on the first day of school and also when we return from winter break in January. Areas of expectations that are covered in this review are playground, office, hallway, and classroom. Another approach is a lanyard with “voice numbers” that are used so that students know what the expectation is for voice level. Our most fun behavior program is the Eastside staff gives “drops” to students who are following SOAR expectations. Students are then encouraged to exchange their drops at the Drop Store or turn their drops into the bucket for school-wide celebrations.  All families are invited to celebrate with us at the SOAR Assembly held in the Eastside gym at the end of every month.

If you ask students what it means to SOAR at Eastside they will likely tell you that part of SOARing is in how we show GRIT. We purposefully focus on developing resilience, growth mindset, and what it means to show GRIT with our students. At Eastside we define GRIT as using our passions to work hard even when the work gets hard. We recognize that part of developing ‘grittiness’ means that we need to share the passion for the work that we do. As lead learners, our team shares this passion and models GRIT in how we work with students, parents, colleagues, and within the community.